05 - 06 November, 2018
Cairo, Egypt

Dr. Alaa Olama

Head of Permanent Committee, Technical Consultant, Egyptian
Egypt’s District Cooling Code, New Refrigerants Testing Programme (EGYPRA)

9:00 AM Alternative low GWP natural refrigerants and its effects on Egypt’s HVAC community

  • Explaining new and low GWP refrigerants created for the climatic conditions of Egypt
  • How the regulations look like for the next few years for the HVAC community
  • Growing concerns of global warming and what the watchdogs are doing about it

1:00 PM Optimisation of AC systems with low GWP refrigerants

The huddle leader will not only enlighten the audience about the advantages of low GWP refrigerants but will also highlight how these can lead to enhanced efficiency and performance of the systems

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Alaa.

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